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Available Online For Free



Evan Roth made some stickers boasting the phrase “AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE” which can be placed on any product you find in a retail store that could also be found online free of charge. You can download the template file here, should you want to do this at a store near you.

AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE is also the name of Evan’s first solo exhibition in Vienna. You can, not surprisingly, download the exhibition book for free at evan-roth.com.

TSA Communication

Artist Evan Roth has devised a clever way to communicate with TSA workers as you travel home this holiday season. He explains:

T.S.A. Communication is a project that alters the airport security experience and allows the government to learn more about you then just what’s in your backpack. Thin 8.5 x 11 inch laser-cut sheets of stainless steel comfortably fit in your carry on bag, simultaneously obscuring the contents you don’t want the TSA to see while highlighting ideas you do want them to see. Change your role as air traveler from passive to active.

TSA Communication