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Sarah Palin Mob in NYC Tonight

We just got notice of a Sarah Palin gathering happening tonight in Union Square in NYC:

Presenting the 1st ever “SARAH PALIN EXPERIMENT and PAGEANT.” Let’s see how
many Sarah Palin’s will fit in UNION SQUARE!

Knowing that 75% of us ladies (and perhaps a few fellas) will be appearing as potential VP candidate Sarah Palin for Halloween, we’ll all unite in honor and celebration of a true MAVERICK – mother, governor and part-time huntress by MEETING AT…

UNION SQUARE (14th Street and University – north side of street)
October 31, 2008. 10pm

Part picnic. Part meet-n-greet. Instruments encouraged. And bring the rest of the Palin-gang if you can! Bristol! Todd! Trig! See and be seen. Stop by after the parade!!

*If you know ANYONE going as Sarah Palin – PASS THIS ALONG TO THEM!!*

Ferris Bueller Parade Back On in NYC

You may remember last month when we sent out a note about a planned Ferris Bueller Parade reenactment at the Deitch Art Parade in Soho. Sadly the whole Art Parade was canceled due to rain. But the organizers of the Ferris stunt just informed us they’re going to give it another shot at this year’s Halloween Parade in the Village:

With hurricane season now safely behind us, we are delighted to inform you that Project Bueller is back on in full force. Provided there are no tornadoes, dust storms, or shifting tectonic plates, artist duo Mina Karimi and Kara Suhey are now recreating the parade scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in the Greenwich Village Halloween parade.

Project Bueller 2.0 is going to be much larger than originally planned. We are now looking to recruit at least 2000 secret agents to capture the spirit of the scene along the parade’s 20 block path.

(Adherence to the 80’s business casual dress code is optional as long as you make up for it with studied 1986 dance moves and unrestrained vocal enthusiasm.)

1) Email projectbueller@gmail.com to participate.

2) Check out projectbueller.tumblr.com for developing details and entertainment.

3) Be excellent to each other.

Mina & Kara

In other NY news, has anyone else heard of Sea of Glass? A mysterious package arrived at the Urban Prankster office yesterday. Someone is up to something here in the city.