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Joey Skaggs as Baba Wa Simba

Here’s a great video documenting some of Joey Skaggs‘ famous hoaxes, along with a hilarious in-depth look at a 1995 hoax where he fooled the UK media into believing he was a guy that ran “howling therapy” sessions.

Joey writes:

In 1995, Baba Wa Simba (aka Joey Skaggs), a new-age therapist, whose mission was to work with disenfranchised and troubled youth and heal the wounded animal within, visited his lion pride in London. The Word, a television show on the UK’s Channel 4, documented the visit and aired it March 3, 1995. The video of this visit has just been released online.

Useless Bucks

Taking inspiration from Abbie Hoffman’s legendary stock exchange prank, our friend Joey Skaggs posted this call to action last week on his blog The Art of the Prank:

Calling All Pranksters (and non-pranksters too)!

Greed, dishonesty, government deregulation and lack of oversight got us into the largest global financial crisis since the Depression. Express your outrage at having to bail out the bastards while they pass the buck! Print these “Useless Bucks” and put them in circulation. In other words, Pass the Buck… back. Take them to your financial and banking districts and give them away; Toss them from high places; Place them on those nearly useless ATM machines; Start your own bail-out program by giving six useless hundred dollar bills to all your friends. Do anything you want with them, just don’t try to spend them!! They’re useless.

Download the template and get involved: “Useless Bucks”