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People are Strange

From the Urban Prankster group in Portugal, TodosaMarar:

Arecent mission in Lisbon was called “People are Strange”. A group of 7 agents was disguised as several characters and went to a shopping center for a walk. The reactions were amazing, especially from the kids and his parents, and from the shop employees.

After 30 minutes we get expelled from the center by the shopping security, a group of more of ten! We left calmly.

My guess is that they were inspired by this great Remi Galliard prank.

Shopping Mall Campers

The Israeli group Shuk.Li recently got a large group of participants to go camping in a huge mall in Tel Aviv. They write:

Dizzengof Center is a very big mall in Tel Aviv that is an architectural masterpiece of twisted space. It is quite hard to navigate, and every time I go there, I keep getting lost. It is a perfect place for us to act as if we are tourists from the suburbs of Israel, coming to see the sights of the big city. The mission had three parts. First, the happy campers trekked the mall dressed in their best trekking equipment, asking people for directions, etc. Some of us even had maps of the mall or maps of the city.

The second part was a guided tour. We had an actor portraying a tour guide, telling stories that are tied with local folklore and culture – things any one in Israel would instantly relate to and recognize. Only, each story was twisted to fit some part of the mall. The tour was really fun for all of the participants (including one or two bystanders who joined in the middle).

The last part was actually building a camp. We planned a little surprise at this point. While the campers were unpacking their sleeping bags, two forest rangers jumped the group. They told them this is not a legal camping site and asked them to leave so they do not disturb the habitat of the local animals – to the surprise of everyone, campers and bystanders alike. All in all, a great success.

Here’s their video, in Hebrew.

Full Mission Report