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Improv Everywhere’s Mp3 Experiment Seven

(View it larger on YouTube)
Edited by Keith Haskel / music by Tyler Walker

For Improv Everywhere’s latest mission, over 3,000 participants downloaded an MP3 file and pressed play simultaneously in retail stores in Midtown Manhattan. The masses converged on Bryant Park where a series of fun activities unfolded, culminating in a huge “mummy dance party.” This was the 7th installment in the Mp3 Experiment series.

Upcoming Events

Two holiday institutions are happening in cities all over the world this weekend and throughout December. First there’s Santacon, the annual mob of hundreds of Santa suit wearing participants. Anyone with a Santa suit can participate! Then there’s Unsilent Night, Phil Kline’s parade of roving boomboxes, another everyone’s-welcome participatory event. Both events are happening this Saturday in New York City. Check the websites for details and for information on other cities. You can even organize your own if your city isn’t on the list.

Also, there are two Improv Everywhere-inspired events happening on Saturday that are being organized by local groups on the Urban Prankster Network. Seattle is having an Mp3 Experiment and Portland, Oregon is having a freeze.

Busy weekend!

Ghost Dance Tomorrow in Boston

Banditos Misteriosos sent word that they’re organizing a “Monster Mashup” dance tomorrow in Boston. It looks like a costumed Mp3 Experiment of sorts. They’ll be posting the mp3 and revealing the exact location of the event sometime today on their site. Check it out if you’re in Beantown.

If years of Halloween-themed TV specials and music videos have taught us anything, it’s that come late October, monsters and ghouls love to get together and dance. Thus, it is with pride, that Banditos Misteriosos announces our very own Monster Mash-up!

Consider this a Halloween Dance Party but with all your fellow dancers dressed as ghosts! But, to give this dance another dimension, we will be your choreographers.


This just in from our friend James Cobalt at Boston SOS:

MP3-EXP is an MP3 Experiment style audio track that can be launched by anyone, anywhere, anytime people are willing to come together. Created by BostonSOS.org specifically for Urban Prankster groups outside the official Improv Everywhere Mp3 Experiment Tour, the nearly hour long track allows pranksters everywhere to get in on a bit of the fun. After a successful test run, the first large scale MP3-EXPerience will be in Boston this Saturday at 3:00 PM at Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park. All the details on this Saturday’s run as well as how to get it going in your own town/school/church/commune can be found here.

In other Mp3 news, we just put up an official Facebook event for the NYC experiment. RSVP now!

We’ll put up events soon for the other 3 cities as we get the details nailed down.

Mp3 Experiment: NYC, Chicago, SF

The date of Improv Everywhere’s annual Mp3 Experiment has been announced. New York City will be hosting its fifth annual event and the fun is touring this year to Chicago and San Francisco. For now only the dates have been released, but more information will be released the week of September 15.

9/27 – NYC (Governor’s Island)
9/28 – Chicago (Location TBA)
10/4 – San Francisco (Location TBA)**

Mp3 Experiment 5 – Save The Date at Improv Everywhere

**Chicago date may change. More info soon. We also may add one more city to the tour!

Upcoming: Mp3 Experiment Geneva

There will be an Mp3 Experiment happening in Geneva, Switzerland next Thursday. The event is being organized by a local group. See the Geneva Mp3 Games site for more details (helpful if you speak French!)

The Mp3 Experiment was created by Improv Everywhere in 2004. There have been four installments so far in New York, with a fifth planned for later this year.

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