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Upcoming: prototype161 in New York

We got an interesting letter in our inbox today informing us of an upcoming event in New York City on July 12. We’re not exactly sure *what* it is, but it sure looks like fun.

We went to the group’s website and found this:

Your story begins here. Prototype161 seeks creative, resourceful, and daring individuals to serve as agents in our ongoing investigations.

You will track down clues, solve puzzles, and interrogate suspects. You’ll scour a city to find the answers. You’ll compete against other agents to solve the case first.

Our most resourceful and successful agents will earn rewards and accolades.

New agent recruitment will take place on the evening of Saturday, July 12th in New York City. If you think you have what it takes, click the button below.

Sign Up

Save the date, New Yorkers! Here’s the letter they sent us:

Birthday Girl in Brooklyn

Street artist ry/Olympia sent in the following call to action for Greenpoint, Brooklyn residents to help him out with his latest project.

Folks in Brooklyn/NYC,

Please help me pull off an audacious street art project and surprise my girlfriend with a unique birthday gift. My girlfriend moved to Connecticut from Greenpoint last year. She misses it terribly, and constantly pines for the days spent with friends in the neighborhood. For her birthday this year, I have installed a life-sized board of the Birthday Girl at Franklin Ave and Noble Street. I am asking anyone who can to go to Greenpoint and photograph yourself with the Birthday Girl, and then, email or pix message the photo to birthdaygirl08@gmail.com. Soon she will have an entire album of images of herself and many, many friends partying in Greenpoint! I will also be uploading all images to my flickr account, so all can watch as the piece progresses.

I do not know how long the Birthday Girl will be up. It’s a pretty big piece, just begging to be torn down.

Thanks for your help. You’re going to make this birthday one she’ll never forget!

If you take a photo, post a link in the comments so everyone can see.

Balloon-Based Street Art

balloon street art

Brooklyn artist D.Billy has created several site-specific installations around the city using balloons as his primary medium.

He writes:

Using colorful media such as twisting balloons, party streamers, and artist tape, I have begun to add visual representations of sound effects to public spaces as a sort of dimensional graffiti. After embellishing the found scenes and photographing the results, I leave my additions in place to engage passers-by for as long as the materials hold up. For me, this process encourages a reexamination of surroundings and objects that are usually taken for granted, and injects a hint of the fantastical surreality that I have established in my other work.

Or, at the very least, I hope someone thinks these things are kind of funny.

via Laughing Squid