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Adding a Park to an Empty Lot


Sean Martindale created this lovely project in Toronto. He writes:

For some time now, the spot in has been relatively empty aside from mud, waste and strewn garbage. There’s an application to build condos on the site. It has remained undisturbed since Monday and I watered it yesterday because there hasn’t been any rain lately… Grass is pretty resilient, so it should survive and take root unless/until somebody removes it. Joe Clement assisted me with the install.

via Wooster Collective

Park(ing) Day 2009

Today is Park(ing) Day 2009. Groups around the world will turn parking spaces into temporary public parks.

San Francisco art collective REBAR first created “PARK(ing)” in 2005 to re-imagine the potential of the metered parking space. In 2006, in collaboration with TPL, REBAR founded “PARK(ing) Day”: a global exploration of the creative potential of streets.

Here’s a video from Park(ing) Day NYC 2006:

Last year I had a delightful time relaxing in a park on 6th Avenue and 24th Street. If you find a parking space park today in your town, let us know in the comments.

Do Not Push

Scene Diego put a giant button in a park labeled “Do Not Push.” The planted agents began to dance whenever the button was pushed.

They write:

Agent Gallakanokuss dropped the box, and plugged it in to our planted audio cable. Agent Poohead was hiding on the other side of the bushes, controlling the audio with an iPod. As soon as a few unsuspecting people walked by and couldn’t resist the “button” they pressed it only to find out they were the “life of the party” or a “freakin’ rockstar” as the button called them. Our Agents promptly jumped up and danced all around them. As soon as the song was over, they sat back down like nothing had happened.