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Super Hero Changing Station


New York City has had a ton of phone booth art this fall. Lately it seems like you can’t go for a walk without seeing a great piece by an artist like Jordan Seiler. The above was done by Toronto’s Posterchild, who’s been hanging out in NYC quite a bit lately.

I love these unauthorized projects because they’re turning useless eyesores into art. There are certain city blocks in NY that have upwards of 10 public telephones. When is the last time anyone used a payphone? I understand their utility for those who can’t afford or happen to be without a cell phone, but really, do we need multiple phones on every corner? These structures are simply huts to cash in on advertising dollars, and they needlessly pollute the scenery of our streets.

Here’s a great NY Times article from 2007 that explains that pay phone advertising rakes in $62 million a year: As Billboards, Public Phones Always Work.

Also of note, you can see both Seiler and Posterchild, along with Jason Eppink and Specter, speak about their work on Friday, November 20 out in Astoria — details here.

Banksy in New York

Wooster Collective posted the details of Banksy’s new show in New York, running until the end of the month in the West Village. He’s converted a 7th Avenue shop space into the “Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill.” Inside is a very bizarre collection of frozen food animals and animantronics. The show is open to the public from 10 AM to Midnight every day. If you’re not in the city and can’t see it in person, check out Wooster’s photos and video.

While Banksy was in town he hilariously tagged two phone booths (above.)