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Little Public Plaques



Keetra Dean Dixon installed little public plaques around New York City. She writes:

Familiar slogans used during delightful moments of play or as a childhood reassurance are placed within public spaces. I hope to stimulate a discrete communal dialogue, insert moments of discovery into the daily routine & encourage a more intimate relation with a chosen path.

More photos.

(Thanks Steve)

An Ordinary Building

Here’s an awesome project from 2006 we just stumbled upon, An Ordinary Building.


On the night of September the 20th 2006 a sign appeared on a building in the center of Viterbo, an ancient city in central Italy, not far from Rome. Apparently put by the City Council it has already caused quite a stir. The sign is in fact an art piece by controversial artist duo Eva and Franco Mattes (aka 0100101110101101.ORG). Looking as official as any other street sign, it reads:


Hundreds of unaware passersby have been staring at the sign: “It’s brilliant!” comments an elderly woman “But I have no idea how to interpret it.” While an outraged citizen living nearby comments, “This is just unacceptable, look around, there are buildings much worse than this one, especially in the suburbs.”

When asked to give an explanation of the sign, Franco Mattes, currently in New York, declared «It means what it says».

The artists behind this project Eva and Franco Mattes are hosting a conference in Barcelona next month that will feature talks from Improv Everywhere, Blu, Swoon, and Survival Research Laboratories, among others.

Finish Line

Improv in Toronto, a group formed on the Urban Prankster Network, just posted their latest mission, Finish Line Marathon.

They write:

For our most recent mission, 20 agents met up downtown with one huge finish line, Canadian flags, a cowbell, and a load of team spirit! We then set it up in front of random strangers to see how they would react! Would they stop and stare? Or just try to ignore us? Or maybe even if we’re lucky, sprint to the finish!?

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