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Finger Gun Fight

Mission:Singapore recently staged a finger gun fight in a bomb shelter in downtown Singapore.

They write:

Recently, our agents were spoted rollling and thumbling on the floor, pointing fingers at each other and Yelling BANG!

We all gathered at the bank of the Singapore River as more and more agent stream in from nearest metro station. The Sky wasn’t at all blue and the wind wasn’t really breezy either, instead, we had strong wind and dark grey storm clouds. We were really all hoping that the rain would not fall but then it did.

So the location was shifted to an underground bomb shelter. Yes a bomb shelter, we have plenty of that in Singpaore and this particular one that we have picked for the mission is open to the public.

This mission was probably inspired by the so-called “Banned Xbox Commercial” that has been on Youtube for a couple of years (below.) Either way, it’s nice to see someone actually doing it in the real world, as I’m sure the Xbox shoot was a closed set.

Party Train in Singapore

Mission:Singapore recently threw a party on the Singapore subway system. They write:

We got onto a train, played music and danced. We had balloons, treats and face paint for everyone. We even gave out small cut out hearts to everyone on the train to lighten up their day.

So, we partied till our lungs fall out and our clothes were soak in sweat, everyone on the train were entertained. We got a spectrum of emotions from the riders, from laugher to frowns, from smiles to out right annoyed. BUT all in all, the joy of the atmosphere drowned all the negativities. Our agents went all out and danced, the music was retro with hits like ‘eye of the tiger’ and ‘everybody dance now’ and of course, no retro mix is complete without ‘never gonna give you up’ from Rick Astley.

Eventually, we were greeted by the station managers and a security guard. They informed us very nicely that we had to lower the volume and keep the dancing minimal but we decided to end the party altogether, mostly because we were exhausted.

When we got off, the station managers bid us farewell and we exchanged friendly gestures and even gave them our paper hearts, which they stuck to their uniforms.

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