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New Blu Wall in Barcelona


I spent last week at The Influencers Festival in Barcelona and had the pleasure of meeting Blu. I got a chance to see him in action, painting a new wall in town as part of the festival. I snapped a blurry photo of it, above. It’s a giant shark made of $100 bills. The festival was videotaping him during the entire process, so expect an awesome time-lapse video to turn up soon.

If you haven’t seen Blu’s famous “Muto” animation from Buenos Aires, stop everything and watch it now: Muto.

The Golden Ass

Street artist Mark Jenkins makes, among other things, awesome human sculptures out of tape and then dresses them and puts them in public places. His latest project is The Golden Ass. In an area of Barcelona packed with “golden statue” type street performers, he constructed a sculpture that looked like a human in a horse costume. Everyone who encountered it assumed it was a performer being incredibly still.

He writes:

“…it’s much easier to make pretend people than to pretend to be a sculpture all day.”