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Urban Clowns


For his Urban Clowns project, Stefan Benchoam placed red vinyl stickers onto advertisements on the streets of Guatemala City to instantly make them funnier. He writes:

In recent years, Guatemala City has become severely plagued with advertising of all kinds. I realized that instead of adding to the problem of visual pollution, I could use what was already there. By adding a simple red circle to them, anyone can effectively turn its meaning upside-down.

More photos.

Available Online For Free



Evan Roth made some stickers boasting the phrase “AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE” which can be placed on any product you find in a retail store that could also be found online free of charge. You can download the template file here, should you want to do this at a store near you.

AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE is also the name of Evan’s first solo exhibition in Vienna. You can, not surprisingly, download the exhibition book for free at evan-roth.com.

Label The World

This project definitely needs your help if it’s going to successfully label the entire world. So if you’ve grab some sticky notes and a pen, and get to it!

The creator explains:

I’ve been working on a simple project where I label things with sticky notes. I wanted something that anyone could participate in (as long as they have sticky notes and a pen), and would get people out there doing something without feeling they to make elaborate plans first. Just a small way to make the world slightly more surreal and get people to look a little more closely at their surroundings.

Label The World

Pop Down Project

The Pop_Down Project offers an alternative to the “pop up” advertising we encounter on the streets. They write:

On the Internet, getting rid of unsolicited pop-ups is pretty easy. In real life, things are a tad more complicated. The Pop_Down Project aims at symbolically restoring everyone’s right to non-exposure: Just stick a “Close window” button on any public space pollution.

Head to the site to download the template and start sticking yourself.