Street With a View

Street With a View is a project by Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley where they staged elaborately awesome scenes for the Google Street View cameras. The tiny one-way street Sampsonia Way was transformed into a place alive with energy, complete with marathon, marching band, and a 17th century sword fight. The results were captured by the Street View team (who worked with the artists to coordinate the shoot.) Explore the street for yourself:

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Here’s a nice making of video:

4 thoughts on “Street With a View”

  1. I thought it was pretty cool that Street View Team worked with them to coordinate everything. Would love to see this done in more places! (also diggin’ the high-res street view imagery. every street should look like that!)

  2. Cool, but it would be better if there was no coordination, and it just “coincidentally” kept happening in more and more places.

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