Finish Line

Improv in Toronto, a group formed on the Urban Prankster Network, just posted their latest mission, Finish Line Marathon.

They write:

For our most recent mission, 20 agents met up downtown with one huge finish line, Canadian flags, a cowbell, and a load of team spirit! We then set it up in front of random strangers to see how they would react! Would they stop and stare? Or just try to ignore us? Or maybe even if we’re lucky, sprint to the finish!?

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6 thoughts on “Finish Line”

  1. Another great post.

    I have to admit that I love it when pranks are covered here, and not failed ‘art’ projects, or other silly attempts to make a political point.

  2. Cute.

    I do wish not everyone gave their video a soundtrack, though. Sometimes I’d rather hear the sound from the original footage.

  3. Leave out sounds. I don’t need to hear anything. Visual is good enough and very entertaining. Ich bin gehoerlos!

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