Shopping Cart Forest

For NL Architects’ latest project they created a “moving forest” in Amsterdam:

The Moving Forest are 100 trees strapped into 100 shopping-carts lurking around in an urban environment blocking peoples way and forcing passers to act on them. According to NL’s Gen Yamamoto the idea comes from a story he heard as a child about a forest where the trees move at night so that people would loose there way and could never get out.

After the period of 6 weeks when the festival is over, the trees will be sold on to citizens and find a new home.

via Inspire Me Now

2 thoughts on “Shopping Cart Forest”

  1. Or an instrument of activism. It forces people (at least brighter ones) to reflect for a moment on the fact that the nature-stripped urban landscape they are walking was once trees and forest, and how it might feel to work with, around, and among nature instead of simply sweeping it out of our way.

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