Phone Booth Hacking Tutorial

The Public Ad Campaign posted a very helpful instructional video for street artists looking to replace phone booth advertisements with art. Keep in mind their disclaimer:

Remember it is illegal to tamper with private property even when it’s in your public environment, assaulting your senses with messages you couldn’t care less about for things you don’t need.

7 thoughts on “Phone Booth Hacking Tutorial”

  1. TheMindFantastic,
    There is a huge difference between good art and criminal acts for the sake of being a criminal, like this.

  2. There is also a difference between art (no matter who thinks it’s “good”) and culture jamming. This is admittedly less subtle.

  3. the way i see it:
    what gives these companies the right to constantly invade my space w/ their advertisements?

  4. goto tokyo, space invasion land. seriously. ads everywhere, every square inch, makes NY look like quaker country.

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