Mp3 Experiment: NYC, Chicago, SF

The date of Improv Everywhere’s annual Mp3 Experiment has been announced. New York City will be hosting its fifth annual event and the fun is touring this year to Chicago and San Francisco. For now only the dates have been released, but more information will be released the week of September 15.

9/27 – NYC (Governor’s Island)
9/28 – Chicago (Location TBA)
10/4 – San Francisco (Location TBA)**

Mp3 Experiment 5 – Save The Date at Improv Everywhere

**Chicago date may change. More info soon. We also may add one more city to the tour!

6 thoughts on “Mp3 Experiment: NYC, Chicago, SF”

  1. Hola, te escribo para comunicarte que te elegí para el “Blogday 2008”

    Hi! I choice Urban Prankster for the “Blogday 2008”


  2. Bummer! The one weekend in September I’m going to be gone.
    And I was hoping to do another mp3 experiment before moving to LA in a few months. 🙁

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