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New Improv Everywhere Musical: I Love Lunch

(View it larger on YouTube)
Song by Anthony King and Scott Brown (Gutenberg! The Musical!)

For their latest mission, seven undercover IE agents staged a spontaneous musical during lunch at the Trump Tower atrium. The mission was filmed for a segment on The Today Show and includes a cameo from Ann Curry. Their report: I Love Lunch! The Musical

Joey Skaggs as Baba Wa Simba

Here’s a great video documenting some of Joey Skaggs‘ famous hoaxes, along with a hilarious in-depth look at a 1995 hoax where he fooled the UK media into believing he was a guy that ran “howling therapy” sessions.

Joey writes:

In 1995, Baba Wa Simba (aka Joey Skaggs), a new-age therapist, whose mission was to work with disenfranchised and troubled youth and heal the wounded animal within, visited his lion pride in London. The Word, a television show on the UK’s Channel 4, documented the visit and aired it March 3, 1995. The video of this visit has just been released online.

UCB Thunderball Today Show Prank

In January of 1997, Upright Citizens Brigade member Ian Roberts managed to get himself on The Today Show as his character Steve Youngblood. The UCB had recently relocated to New York from Chicago, and this is one of several hoaxes they pulled on an unsuspecting Al Roker. Roberts is referencing Thunderball, a fictional sport created by the UCB which would appear on their Comedy Central television show a few years later.

The Rules of Thunderball

40 Greatest Pranks 2

(Improv Everywhere clip from the first 40 Greatest Pranks)

Tonight at 9 PM VH1 is debuting 40 Greatest Pranks 2. We’re not sure if that means these pranks have replaced the previous list of the 40 greatest, or if they should be considered the 41st through 80th greatest pranks. Either way, Improv Everywhere’s No Shirts prank is #9. Set your DVR!

UPDATE: Here is the video from 40 Greatest Pranks 2

Bring Back Crystal Pepsi

Some clever pranksters managed to get this sign onto MSNBC’s coverage of the DNC on Monday night. I saw it live and found it quite hilarious. I found it a little less funny when I realized the DNC was taking place at the Pepsi Center (I thought it was a total non-sequitur,) but it’s still awesome to see something this silly in a crowd otherwise filled with 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

via Agent Skwrl